How to create prints for handmade labels, low cost, easy to make and with a few simple ingredients.

Building useful objects with one’s own hands is a creative and rewarding pastime, an original, unique gift, real and tangible personal satisfaction.

With a few simple consumables and carving tools you can create handmade labels for your bath and body products. How to create and print on them? Block printing or rubber molding are two excellent methods!


If you want to create with your own hands the stamps that you will use to print on the labels, just take the rubber (or wood depending on the material you will use for the stamp) and the carving tools. Then draw the design or writing of your choice on the eraser and sculpt it with the appropriate carving tool. Rubber is the fastest and easiest method to use, given the soft and workable consistency of the material. is an excellent supplier of tools suitable for manual work, while for stamps and stamps I recommend, in addition to the numerous craft shops,, where some artists create personalized stamps according to your needs. To discover the most advanced stamping techniques, you can’t miss a jump from



As previously written, online and in specific stores you can buy the stamps directly and create them at home. At this point it is easy to use them on tickets, receipts, invoices, business cards and so on. The ready stamps are among the best and are incredibly easy to use, just dab them on an ink-soaked sponge and stamp them on the sheet.


Wood, cork or linoleum stamps are used to print (with this type of material the printing is called ‘linen printing’. These materials can be harder than rubber, but with the use of special carving tools (and a little of practice and technique) just draw your drawing or writing on wood and sculpt it with the appropriate tools.


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