Florence 1348. The bubonic plague plagues the city and it seems that there are no remedies to cure it. The monks of the Santa Maria Novella convent, already known for the production of medicinal remedies, began to look for possible solutions.

During their studies they noticed that La Rosa managed to eradicate some harmful insects on its own. Hence the belief, unfortunately incorrect, that the rose petal extract could remove the risk of contracting this disease. Nonetheless, from 1380 the floral water with roses began to spread.





Floral water with roses is very useful in the treatment of dark circles, dark circles and wrinkles. Due to its excellent astringent properties, it is also effective in the treatment of edema or acne. It is particularly recommended for impure skin, in general it has a powerful purifying effect on the epidermis.



This week, deanna’s editorial team has tried Melvita’s damask rose floral water for you. Used as a tonic it helps to remove impurities to cleanse and purify, even after cleansing by affinity. The result is an elastic, luminous and ready to absorb the daily moisturizer, to try!




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