Do-it-yourself eye contour – As mentioned in a previous article, the night is a fundamental moment for skin regeneration. It increases the loss of water and decreases the production of sebum. This leads to a weakening of the dermis which is thus deprived of its defense.

This week the editorial staff of deanna recommends a very easy do-it-yourself eye contour, which will benefit your eyes from the very first applications. Intensive serum consists of three main ingredients: shea butter, aloe vera gel and chamomile essential oil.

Shea butter represents one of the most powerful natural moisturizing substances and placed in the area around the eyes it will help protect thinner and more delicate skin. The aloe gel, on the other hand, in addition to hydration, will have a real decongestant action. Finally, this will be enhanced by chamomile oil which will soothe and decrease heaviness.


Add three tablespoons of shea butter, if you prefer for convenience you could melt it (melts at 34 degrees), with two of aloe gel and ten drops of chamomile essential oil. Emulsify until a fluid compound is obtained. Add a few drops of lemon with some others of an essential oil of your choice, the most recommended are those of damask rose or lavender. Apply a generous layer of mask on the eye and lip area. Let it act overnight and let yourself be surprised by the result in the morning.


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