Since very ancient times hair has a profound meaning for man. Among the Egyptians, in the court of the pharaohs, women dedicated many hours to the care of their hair, amphorae containing olive oil and linseed oil and traces of a rudimentary soap testify to this. From an ideological point of view, the hair was connected to physical strength, famous is the episode of Samson in the book of judges tells how this character with superhuman strength became weak and met the capture of the Philistines only after his sects were cut braiding.

Curly hair, but which type?

It has always been fundamental for men that it was decided to dedicate the study to an extremely interesting but also delicate and sensitive type of hair: curly hair. A famous saying approaches curls to whims, very often, due to the particular needs of this hair type, it proves true. When dealing with curly hair, two fundamental factors must be considered: porosity and the hair type. According to the Devachan school there are three kinds of hedgehogs divided into as many subcategories. This ranking considers the size of the curl and the point where the hair begins to curl.

Another key factor to consider for curly hair is porosity. This represents the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. It is determined by the greater or lesser opening of the cuticle scales, the outermost part of the hair. It also determines the entry and exit of nutrients and moisturizers. There are three different types of porosity in curly hair: compact, normal or raised. Hair with low or compact porosity is shown to be healthy and shiny, strong due to the closure of the scales, this makes them difficult to treat. Those with a normal cuticular opening show a proper scaly flexibility, this makes them easy to treat. On the other hand, curly hair with high porosity tends to lose hydration very easily therefore the risk is to notice dehydration and dryness that make them much more difficult to treat.

Deanna’s editorial team tested high-porosity curly type 3b hair, therefore a fairly complex genre to treat, a simple beauty routine to be performed in just a few steps.

First phase: pre-wash treatment

A trick that can help you manage your curls can be treatments to be performed before the washing phase. The most effective in the genre are those made with simple and pure raw materials. Argon oil, olive oil, shea butter: it’s time to have fun discovering which elements are most suitable for your hair type. An excellent treatment can be created by combining shea butter (you will have to melt it since it is solid at room temperature), a crushed banana, aloe gel and coconut oil. Apply it on wet hair with hot water, this helps the scales to open up and welcome the nutrients. Read more Trattamento capelli ricci o crespi alla banana

Second phase: cleansing

Wash your curls as delicately as possible. Remember that curly hair is thinner than other hair types and also its propensity to dehydration could cause too frequent washing to damage it deeply. The advice is to wash them once or at most twice a week with a mild shampoo. We tried that of the k-hair line of Alkemilla with flax seeds and that of Antos for dry hair.

Third phase: hydration

For wet hair, the advice is to apply a rich and nourishing mask before combing them. The aim is to feed the hair from the inside, therefore be wary of all products that contain oils and silicones. Apply to a mask as natural as possible and rich in active ingredients. Once applied, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb and leave on for five minutes. Finally rinse or for particularly dry hair you may decide not to rinse the mask and proceed to the fourth phase. Among the masks we prefer the Monti de Thaiti after-sun mask and Volga cosmetic hair butter.

Fourth phase: frizz removal

The fourth and final phase is fundamental enough to counteract frizz. The hair scales of the hair need products that create micro films that keep them closed and hydrated. One of the best friends in this regard may be pure aloe gel combined with a few drops of a natural oil such as coconut and Argan oil. Those who prefer products created ad hoc for this reason, we recommend the Moringa and flaxseed conditioner from La Saponaria or the Aloe and frangipani hair definition gel from Mater Natura.

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