‘But what is this? But how is this done? And who is this? ’Children and questions have always been best friends. Explaining and teaching children is a right and duty, you have to involve them and make them participate in daily and creative activities to promote their intellectual development.

Children love games and creative activities, getting their hands dirty and having fun. Combining play with utility can be a way to make the whole family happy. Here are some ideas for do-it-yourself bath and body products, created at home with their contribution.


Bath salts are very simple to make and constitute an ideal afternoon project, or even a short-term diversion for children. You can let your child choose the color and scent of his salts. Depending on the age of the child, you can allow them to add these ingredients, or you can measure them yourself. Even the little ones will love simply by mixing the salts together. The choice of fun containers makes this project even more pleasant.



Facials and masks are a pleasure for children. Make sure you choose delicate ingredients such as white kaolin clay, oatmeal, fruit fiber or honey powder. These simple facials can be bathed with water, fresh milk or yogurt or even pureed fresh fruit. You and your children will have fun mixing the facials and painting the faces of each.




Creating soap together requires full adult attention and assistance. Older children will also need an adult to manage the hot liquids involved in a Melt & Pour Soap project. To make this easy for kids, try pouring a small amount of melted soap into a heat-proof mug. Children can mix dyes, perfumes and additives for one soap at a time, limiting the amount of hot liquid they have to handle at a time. This project, and other projects involving hot liquids, are best reserved for older children.



There are some special things to consider when working on projects with children. First of all, the ingredients must be carefully chosen. Some essential oils or herbs can be dangerous for children, depending on their age, allergies or specific medical conditions. Make sure to research any essential oils before use and always handle essential oils, even when working with older children. When working with hot liquids, be sure to help children by doing all the direct flow and handling. With any project, supervision is the key..





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