5 tips to start adopting a zero waste lifestyle

Embracing a “zero waste” lifestyle, that is, without waste, is a long and constantly evolving path, especially nowadays where everything is fast, ready, immediate and “entangled”.

A single product is sold with ten other materials and tools attached, without considering the fact that the latter will often be thrown away and will not have further life. I propose 7 zero waste tips, real precautions to be taken to avoid wasting resources.

1) Use a bamboo toothbrush


Instead of the non-recyclable plastic toothbrush, with nylon bristles, responsible for the emission of 34 grams of greenhouse gas for each piece produced, with a decomposition time equal to a thousand years, use the bamboo one, made with natural materials (bamboo , cellulose acetate, compostable bio-resins, derivatives of potatoes, corn and wheat). The bristles of the bamboo brushes are made of nylon 6, an aseptic and biodegradable material and the packaging is recyclable.



2)Try to do tricks and body products at home, excellent zero waste

After proposing many do-it-yourself recipes to promote the creation of cosmetics and not only at home, you will have understood that avoiding buying excessively and being self-sufficient as much as possible is a step of the zero waste lifestyle.

Not all bio makeup packaging is recyclable, so creating it at home is an excellent way to optimize the materials used.





3) Avoid non-recyclable plastic packaging

The previous point shows how fundamental it is to start using containers made of glass, paper or innovative biodegradable and compostable materials. From a Make up point of view, keeping a product in a glass jar or container does not alter the chemical composition and maintains it for a long time. Speaking of food, it is now known how foods are better preserved in glass containers and the flavor is managed intact, rather than in plastic tappers (the poorer ones even lose color in contact with food).



4) Replace napkins, tissues and scottex with a reusable fabric

‘As it once was’ would be said.

Yes, how many grandmothers still use cotton handkerchiefs?

If you think about it, just wash it, although obviously when you have a cold you will have to get several. A cloth to dry the dishes, a cloth napkin to clean the mouth. It’s simple and you won’t use excess paper


5) Menstrual cup instead of sanitary pads

I have read many opinions about menstrual cups, which would replace traditional sanitary napkins, non-recyclable waste. The only negative point would be the need to change to clean places with a tap, as it must be emptied and cleaned, otherwise only positive elements. You can wear it up to 8 hours and choose the model and size according to your menstrual flow. It is comfortable, space-saving, not treated with bleaching agents or chlorine, totally hypoallergenic and healthy, it eliminates the risk of infections.




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